"Blue" Elves

The natives of the New World. They are named for the turquoise stones, beads, and structures found in the New World. They live a simple tribal life and are fearful of the relics and locations of the civilization that came before them. They have a rougher life than their cousins in the Old World and this shows through in their culture, bodies, and personalities. Blue Elves are short lived for elves and live up to 300 years.


The language of the Blue Elves is similar in basic construction but to the ears of a Wood Elf or High Elf, they sound uneducated.

Player Race

Players can choose to be a Blue Elf as an alternative to the other subraces of Elf. Blue Elves who choose to adventure and associate with the settlers are regarded by other Blue Elves as outsiders at best and betrayers at worst.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength increases by one.

Tribal Weapons. Blue Elves are proficient with Tridents, Whips, and Nets.

Legends of the Blue Elves. When you fail an Intelligence check about the New World you can instead choose to discard the roll once and receive the information sought in the form of a legend or saying of the Blue Elves. This information will always be generally correct but will also be cryptic or vague. You regain the ability to use this feature when you take a short or long rest.