Rules and Guidelines for the Campaign

In order to allow the maximum amount of people to play and the most flexible scheduling, we will be playing in the "West Marches" style of game. Compared to a normal campaign it is less story driven, features more player choices, and will allow players with different amounts of time available to play.

Multiple DM's

Unlike a normal campaign, there will be more than one Dungeon Master. Harrison and Chris will be the main DM's but anyone who wants to create a quest can do so.


It is up to the player characters where they want to go to pursue adventure. Locals in the town will direct PC's to crypts, lairs, dungeons, and other locations where danger and opportunity meet. The further away from town and the further underground an adventure takes the PC's the tougher it will be. Some locations may be too large or difficult to be explored all at once and may take more than one trip by PC's to discover all its secrets. Adventurers always return to town at the end of a session, even if they are not done with their quest.


Players are free to make as many characters as they want. All characters will start at level 1 and level up as normal. If you want to try a new character you can make another one that starts at level 1. If you would like to retire a character they can return to the Old World. Players can choose from any character options in an official D&D 5th edition book. Players can also use any character options from Unearthed Arcana (the playtest blog) that has not been superseded by a newer article or official publication. There will also be homebrew options created by the DM's. If a player uses an option from a source other than an official publication the DM's reserve the right to change it if it is too weak or too strong.