The Frontier of the New World

Dragon's Bane is the first settlement on the Dragon Isles. Located on the main island(who's name is different depending on whom you ask) Dragon's Bane is home to a modest port and garrisons of soldiers from both the Imperium and Gallia and the local Militia protect the settlement from attack. Homesteaders have set up farms in the area close by but outside of the city walls.

The Castle

A relic of the civilization that previously ruled the Dragon Isles. Their fate is unknown but they have left behind wonderous structures composed of turquoise bricks. These bricks are durable and in the early hours of the night give off a pleasing blue glow. The tower on the castle contains the Dragon's Bane for which the settlement is named: A magical device which creates a pulse of wind that can force dragons out of the sky.


The local government is controlled by Marcus La Mer, a nobleman of Imperial and Gallic descent, who was chosen as a compromise between the nations and for his naval experience. A council representing local merchants as well as old world governments votes on major decisions.

The Port

Ships from The Imperium, Gallia, and other minor nations make occasional deliveries of supplies in exchange for raw materials. Leathers made from skins of new beasts found on the Dragon Isles are quite fashionable in the Old World.


Caters to the hide traders and homesteaders that are the economic backbone of the settlement. The General Store sells most non-magical items. Blacksmiths in the employ of The Imperium or Gallia will take side work for extra coin.