The Old World

The continent and islands that "all" civilization is found on. Most player characters hail from one of the countries or tribes in the old world.

The Imperium

A highly orderly stratocracy headed by the Emperor. Life is heavily controlled and regulated by the bureaucracies of the Imperium. Crowded cities such as The Seat (capitol) and Corvidea (large port city) are the hubs of commerce and culture.


Home of disparate settlements and that make up the tribes of the Gauls. Tribes have specialties and cooperate thanks to ancient friendships, and fight due to ancient rivalries. There is no central executive government of Gallia(except in times of war) but The Cassation handles legal disputes.

Minor Nations

Though no nations rival The Imperium and Gallia there are other nations that have remained independent due to political maneuvering or inhospitable environments. The Northern Tribes are goliath and human tribes that raid into the major nations and are known for their fierce barbarians and harsh way of life. The City of Pearls, on an Island off the coast of The Imperium, is known for its jewelry and for being the richest place in the world per capita.